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Our Story

Welcome to our world!

We are two mothers who gave up their careers in corporations after having babies. We haven’t found a sufficiently family-friendly environment in our previous jobs. Being mumpreneurs gave us the control over our working hours and helped us to keep the healthy balance between family and career.
We came up with business ideas after finding products which helped us with challenges we were facing every day as parents. One of the most helpful baby gadgets which changed our life was Rollersy.

These two tiny wheels with adapters for baby car seats were invented by two mothers out of everyday necessity. The idea was born while they were visiting a swimming pool with their babies. After carrying the heavy car seats from the car to the reception and to the locker room, they came up with a brilliant concept of rolling their baby car seats instead of lifting them.

The safety of their children was the priority for them, so the adapters with wheels were invented not only to be a helpful baby gadget for the parents but above all, to be safe for the babies.

At Babygadget, we both believe in creativity, comfort, useful solutions and products that make a difference. We help parents to find the best thoughtful baby gadgets for them and for their babies. 

All of our products bring together the finest, safest materials and modern design to create something very special. We believe in quality, care, and creating unique accessories that both parents and kids can enjoy. Useful, modern, and inspired by what we need as parents. Each product represents what we love about being a mother. We hope all our baby gadgets will help you and your little ones too.