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About Rollersy

Adapters with wheels for baby car seats

What is Rollersy and for whom are these wheel adapters invaluable?

Pulling instead of lifting.

Have you ever been tired of carrying a heavy infant car seat? Imagine you have to go somewhere with your baby and then leave the car for a moment. It may be a visit to the clinic, a trip to swimming pool, picking up your older child from a nursery or quick shopping. There is no point taking a stroller with you because it is only for a moment. You start to carry a car seat with the baby in your hands which weighs quite a lot, it is uncomfortable and not very good for your spine.

Adapters with wheels are the answer to the needs of young parents

This product will brighten up your parenthood! Rollersy is two wheels with adapters that plug into the car seat in place for stroller adapters. The wheels are small and light and durable. Foam wheels have been tested in the same way as baby stroller wheels are tested, so there is no fear that they will not withstand long use.



Assembling does not take more than half a minute. All you have to do is connect the adapters with wheels to the seat, fasten the handle on the seat handle - and the seat is ready for transporting the child. The seat with mounted wheels goes very lightly and you do not need to put in a lot of pulling force. In addition, you have free hands to freely close the car, carry out shopping or open the door. Instead of carrying - mount the ROLLERSY and go! Comfortable wearing on the shoulder. If you encounter stairs or other obstacles on our way, it can easily hang the armchair on the shoulder on the shorter belt.

ROLLERSY is a novelty on the market and the first such product in the world - entirely invented and produced in European Union. Rollersy is suitable for infant seats (from 0 to 13 kg). See compatible car seats

Adapters with wheels are just perfect for those parents who often carry a car seat in their hands. It is more convenient to go several dozen meters with a car seat on wheels, rather than carrying it in your hand. We believe that thanks to ROLLERSY, traveling with an infant will be much easier for parents.


Made of solid and safe materials. Rollersy was tested by the accredited institute KOMAG in Poland according to safety regulations of European Pushchairs and Prams Standard (EN 1888:2012). Wheels are made with foam tires - such as in strollers.


Adapters assembly is very quick and easy, it takes only half a minute, just click &go!

The set weighs only half kg and fits into a lady's purse! Adapters come with the comfortable backpack.


The straps with soft pads and the adapters with wheels are produced in European Union.